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21x7x15 30kg Good Puncture Wear Resistance Press-on Solid Tire Cushion Tyre Wheel for Electric Forklift Truck

Press-On tires are available in traction and smooth profiles:

The Traction profile offers long wear and distributes the load for excellent stability.

  • Flat profile increases stability
  • Great traction
  • Smooth riding

The Smooth profile provides a greater contact area with the work surface, offering better load distribution and increased stability. The larger footprint area creates better traction in most applications for starting and stopping.

  • 10% greater footprint than standard size
  • Cooler running for longer wear
  • Increased operator comfort

Tire Characteristics
It has characteristics as follows:

  1. Lower barycenter
  2. Lower energy consumption
  3. Anti-puncture
  4. Lower maintenance cost
  5. Higher density of rubber
  6. Higher wear resistance
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The press on solid tire has high puncture resistance. Strong load capacity. Moreover, the square section ensures the stability of the vehicle. On the other hand, low rolling resistance avoids additional expenses and reduces energy consumption.

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