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17.5-25 505kg Long Life Wear Resistance Solid Tires For Wheel Loader

Material Rubber
Model 17.5-25
Weight 505kg
Wheel Diameter 1350mm
Wheel Width 400mm
Certification ISO9001:2008
Rim 14.00-25
SKU: 17-5-25-505 Category:

It is composed of low heating and cutting-resistant materials and still has load capacity under long-distance and long-time operation.

QIYU Super Solid tyres are of superior quality for the toughest applications on industrial vehicles with a high risk of impact and damage. These Super Solid tyres are stable, puncture-resistant and maintenance-free with a high loading capacity for forklift trucks, wheel loaders and other industrial vehicles running on locations as scrap yards, slag steel mills, glass works, dumping sites and loading fields.

Our tires have been widely used in the following application:


●scrap & recycling yards

●mining & quarrying

●solid-waste management

●steel mills, smelters and furnaces

●industrial plants

Size RIM Pattern OD(mm) Width(mm)
17.5-25 14.00 TC01 1350 400
20.5-25 17.00 TC01 1490 520
23.5-25 19.50 TC01 1550 520
26.5-25 22.00 TC01 1680 620


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